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July is in love with Ruby

Ruby is know as a protective stone that can bring happiness and passion into the life of the wearer protecting them from negative entities, promoting spiritual vitality and overall wellness.

The Latin word “Rubber” meaning “red” the color of passion, Rubies have been esteemed since ancient times and are mentioned in the bible as one of the gems used to represent one of the twelve tribes of Israel during Exodus. Kings and Queens have longed enjoyed this rare gem. Rubies remain one of the most popular gems in history

Rubies are used extensively in jewelry. This gemstone is often set in precious metal like platinum or gold and can be used as a primary stone in any piece of jewelry or to compliment other stones including diamonds. The finest rubies have a pure, vibrant red to slightly purplish red color. In most markets pure red colors command the highest prices and Rubies with over tones of orange and purple are less valued.

Inclusion free rubies are virtually nonexistent, so the value varies with how visible the inclusions are. Inclusions also impacts a ruby’s durability especially if there is a surface reaching fracture. Typical clarity characteristics include thin mineral inclusions called needles, rutile needles, or silk can sometimes contribute positively to a Gems appearance.

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