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Only Natural Diamonds

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November Topaz

The name Topaz derives from the ancient word tapas, meaning fire. Topaz was thought to fuel matters of the heart, inspire courage, increase intuition and sharpen wit. The November birthstone, topaz is recognized as a gift for the 23rd wedding anniversary, symbolizing love, truth and devotion. Topaz is believed to sweeten dreams and dispositions. Topaz comes in a variety of colors, pink, red and golden orange, with the most popular being blue topaz. Known as the gemstone of friendship, topaz reveals the gracious and charismatic qualities of those who wear it. Citrine, a November birthstone, is recommended as a gift for the 13th wedding anniversary. This golden quart-family gem is a symbol of warmth and affection.

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October Opals

Described by the Ancient Romans as the “Queen of All Gems”, opal is a chameleon encompassing the essence of every gemstone in one. Opal’s name means to see a change of color, which this “phenomenal” gemstone shows in unusual optical effects of shifting spectral hues described as “play of color”.

An October birthstone, opal is favored as a gift for the 14th wedding anniversary. Opal is revered as a symbol of hope, fidelity and purity. A gem of positive transformation, opal reveals the colorful attributes of those who wear it.

Opal occurs in several types; the most common is white opal with vibrant pastel flashes. Black opal has a blue, gray or black body with more dramatic color play. Boulder opal is black opal with some of the ironstone in which it occurs.

October Tourmaline

Perhaps the most diverse gemstone available, tourmaline possesses a dazzling array of colors. Moreover, there are bi- colored and tri-colored tourmalines where two or more colors appear side by side in the same gemstone.

An October birthstone, tourmaline is also the chosen gift for the 8th wedding anniversary. Tourmaline is considered a gemstone of enlightenment and resolution. Believed to foster compassion, composure, and reflection, tourmaline reveals the most captivating characteristics of those who wear it.

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Birthstone of the month…

Peridot yourself in August!!

Prized by the ancient Egyptians as the gemstone of the sun, peridot has been credited with a host of healing properties and magical powers. A guard against the evil eye, peridot was thought to sweeten dreams and reveal insights.

August’s birthstone, peridot is also recognized as the preferred gift for the 16th wedding anniversary. Historically, peridot was believed to bring happiness, attract love and forever friendship. The gem of bliss and good fortune, peridot illuminates the sunny disposition of those who wear it.

Formed in volcanoes, peridot ranges in color from yellowish green to deep olive. Peridot is not routinely enhanced.

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September is for Sapphires

Most commonly known for its shades of celestial blue, sapphire actually comes in almost every color but red. Next to diamond, sapphire is the second hardest gemstone, ideal for all types of jewelry, especially rings. September’s birthstone, sapphire is also the preferred gift for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries, historically symbolizing truth and promise keeping. Sapphire was believed to inspire peace, joy, wisdom and prosperity, as well as good health and well-being. The gem of sincerity, sapphire illuminates the true inner beauty of those who wear it.

Sapphires come in a variety of colors including, blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple, green, as well as, colorless and black. The purer the color of a natural sapphire, the greater the price it can command.

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July – The month for Ruby.

Add more color to your life.

Believed to burn with an inextinguishable fire, ruby has historically signified great passion. This fiery red gemstone – the color of the heart – has always been associated with deep love. Ruby’s durability and hardness make it an ideal gemstone for all types of jewelry, especially rings.

July’s birthstone, ruby is also recognized as the traditional gift for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. Historically, ruby was believed to attract and maintain love. Ruby is a popular choice for brides who want to express their individuality.

Ruby is recognized as a talisman to ensure harmony, guard against sorrow, inspire confidence and bring success. The gem of gusto, ruby brings to light the electrifying personality of those who wear it.

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Pearls for June

People have coveted natural pearls as a symbols of wealth and status for thousands of years. A Chinese historian recorded the oldest written mention of natural pearls in 2206 BCE. The spherical shape of some pearls led many cultures to associate this gem with the moon. In ancient China, pearls were believed to guarantee protection from fire and fire-breathing dragons. In Europe, they symbolized modesty, chastity and purity.

Pearl colors vary by the type of mollusk it is formed in. Although white pearls are the most traditional, other colors are very popular. The main bodycolor of a pearl is often modified by additional colors called overtones, which are typically pink, green, purple or blue. Some pearls also show the iridescent phenomenon known as orient that adds to the overall color.

Alexandrite is a very rare variety of the mineral chrysoberyl that changes color in different light sources. Discovered in 1830 by miners in the Ural Mountains of Russia, these red to green color changing stones resembled the colors of Imperial Russia’s national military. The find was named “alexandrite” after the Emperor Alexander II. its extraordinary ability to change color takes place when it is viewed under different lighting conditions. For this reason, the color-change phenomenon is called “the alexandrite effect.”

The most prized alexandrite’s show a vivid green to bluish green in daylight and fluorescent light, and an intense red to purplish red in incandescent light. They have medium to medium-dark tone and moderately strong saturation. This color change created the phrase, “emerald by day, ruby by night.” A change in hue is what makes this stone unique. Other examples of color change can be green to purple and yellowish green to purplish brown.

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The month of Emeralds!

Prized for its vivid rich green color as far back as the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, emeralds have a long history as a jewel fit for kings and queens. Emerald is revered as a talisman of good fortune, believed to bring health and wealth to his owners.

May’s birthstone, emerald also is the chosen gift for the 20th or 35th wedding anniversary. Upheld as a symbol of devotion, contentment and undying love, emerald traditionally has been thought to protect and renew relationships. In fact, emerald is a popular gemstone choice for brides who want to express their individuality. Take a cue from Jackie Kennedy who received an emerald ring from John F. Kennedy. A calming influence that clarifies insights, emerald enlightens the aura of those who wear it.

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April Showers Bring…”Diamonds!”

Concept. 3D render.

The Beautiful Diamond is known as the stone of “Love”, but most see it as a symbol of wealth. The Diamond is the stone of durability, for it is the hardest of stones, and has been known since antiquity as a “Stone of Invincibility,” bringing victory, superior strength, fortitude and courage to all who wear the stone. Diamonds have wide range of cuts and colors appealing to all wearers of the jewel. The Diamond is a stone of light, an ideal prism, diffusing all the colors of spectrum. #foryou#smallbusiness#shopsmall#shoppingonline#shoplocal#wichitaitc#derby#haysville#mulvane#jelewerybox#rings#earrings#bracelets#diamonds#gemstone#gorgeous#retailtherapy

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March Birthstone

March’s Birthstone, Aquamarine, is a gorgeous stone that varies from a very light blue to a medium blue, with many stones exhibiting a slight tint of green in them. Aquamarine is the recognized gift for the 18th wedding anniversary, believed to reawaken love, kindle friendships, and elevate the spirit. Aquamarine glints the fresh, young-at-heart qualities of those who wear it. The aquamarine holds its place as one of the world’s most desirable gems. The Greeks highly prized this gem for it appears to “sparkle like the sea touched by the sun”.

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