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  Looking for the latest news and updates from Gemstone Jewelers? Well you have come to the right place! This is also a great place to get tips and advice. Check back often, as we will be posting information, special sales, and tips!

More Moonstone Madness

Moonstone is a soft stone and should not be stored with harder gemstones for possibility of scratching the stone. For gentle cleaning use a soft brush behind the gemstone where debris can collect.

June loves Moonstones

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Moonstone Madness

June is in love with Moonstones and here at the Gemstone Jewelers,  we are too!  Let us share with you the secrets of this mystical gem known for its opalescent shimmer.
The ancient Romans believed moonstone was formed from frozen moonlight. For centuries, this gem has been regarded as a symbol of growth and fertility.
The finest moonstones have a blue sheen, colorless body and perfect clarity. Rainbow moonstone true to its name, can feature many colors including, pink, yellow, peach, purple and blue. Mysteriously…and rarely, moonstone can feature a cat’s eye.

Cat’s eye moonstone with labradorite feldspar and bezel set diamond earrings!

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Marvelous May!

Add more color to your life with gorgeous green Emeralds, the Birthstone for May.

Upheld as the symbol of undying love and devotion, Emeralds traditionally

have been thought to protect and renew relationships.

Come to Gemstone Jewelers in Derby and find the Emerald of your dreams to naturally enlighten your aura.

With a calming influence, an Emerald will bring health and wealth to you… according to legend.

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Shiny April Showers

Diamonds are the birthstone for the month of April.

Here at Gemstone Jewelers,

 We have an unbeatable variety of diamonds in every

color and size and shape, to shower yourself in!

Come celebrate a brand new

you, or your loved ones in

the style of April!


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Stop time in its tracks, with one

of our breathtaking diamond

rings, earrings or necklaces!

Or, Spring into the “New You”

and let us custom make your

dream jewelry today!

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March’s birthstone, Aquamarine is known to bring hope,

health, harmony and happiness.

We believe everyone deserves this,

and we have just the jewelry to give it to you!

Come and see our new inventory today!

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Show the one you love what they’re worth,

with beautiful new jewelry

in store  TODAY!    



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Just as a reminder for our customers, The store will be closed the week of Saturday, Feb. 2nd through Tuesday, Feb 12th Due to continuing education. For all pick-ups and repairs, please keep this schedule in mind. Thank you for your business and friendship here at Gemstone Jewelers.

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Great ideas for Valentines Day!

February is a time for love. 

At Gemstone Jewelers,

we create beautiful jewelry that

is personalized with fingerprints,

signatures, and even photographs.

Fingerprints can be taken in store,

photos and hand written messages

are scanned into our

system, which we customize into a wonderful piece of jewelry.

Uniquely designed  for you and the ones you love.


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New Lovable Customizable Charms for Everyone You Love!

February is a time for love

Here at Gemstone Jewelers, we are excited

to announce we have new customizable

ways to capture your special moments in

precious metal!

This includes fingerprints, hand writing, photographs, even

your pets’ paw prints.    Come by today and capture the

moment Forever!




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